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Schneller Students on the MEA Trip to Egypt JLSS Students in Egypt

MEA (Middle East Airlines) the Lebanese National Airline decided to inaugurate one of its newly bought airplanes with a trip to Egypt dedicated to the orphans of Lebanon. They called it: the Joy Trip for the Orphans of Lebanon.
We were delighted that MEA decided to include our school in this trip. It included schools that look after the orphans of Lebanon from all denominations.
It was not easy to convince relatives to allow our children to go on this trip. Many of them couldn't afford to pay for the passports. The Head of the Boarding Department, Mr. Martin Bernhard, in consultation with his team of house parents chose eight JLSS boarding students. Miss Samira Nuhra, the house parent of Family Seven was chosen to lead the group.
The trip extended from 28 till 31October 2009.
MEA received all the children in the passenger lounge of Hariri International Airport where they offered them breakfast in preparation for the trip. The plane took off at 9.15 AM on 28 October 2009, and it arrived in Cairo - Egypt at 11.00 AM.
The children were taken to Concord Peace Hotel, and every two students occupied a room, and each accompanying teacher was given a single room.
JLSS Students in EgyptThe very fancy hotel was a shock to most of the children. There were many stories about the reactions of some of them to that new surrounding, which was as if they were in a dream.
The visit started with the National Museum in Cairo where children learnt a lot about the very rich history of Egypt. They were then taken to the Jaziera Sports Club where they all had supper.
The second day they visited the pyramids of Giza, after which they were taken by ship to visit the city of the pharaohs. A boat trip in the Nile river followed. In the evening the children were returned to the hotel where a big party of famous musicians and singers awaited them. The purpose of the program was to encourage the children to mix with each other and to get to know one another.
The third day the visit was to the Saladin Castle, the Royal Palace of Egypt. the Great Mosque of Mohammad Ali, and the Hanging Coptic Church. Lunch was offered to the children in the Azhar Park which was designed by Swiss landscapers. Then the children were taken shopping in the Khan Al-Khalil Souk. They were later shown how papyrus is made and how artists draw on papyrus.
On the forth day children were taken to the area where Egyptian films are produced. They were then driven to Magic City to watch a dolphin show, and to enjoy the best amusement park in Egypt. They visited the stone-age city and learnt how primitive man lived.
The educational aspect of the trip was emphasized by the presence of guides with the children. They were explaining every detail to the children in every place they visited. JLSS Students in Egypt
The accompanying team from MEA was extremely caring and friendly to the children.
Our children behaved extremely well and were very much complemented by the leaders. They were always on time, followed instructions well, carefully stuck to the schedule, and displayed distinctive behavior.
We express our most sincere gratitude to MEA, its CEO Mr. Mohammad Al-Hoot, and the wonderful team that accompanied the children, for this wonderful idea and the memorable time our children will keep to the last days of their lives.
Thank you Middle East Airplanes. You were always the great pride of all the Lebanese people. This wonderful gesture towards orphans and orphanages in Lebanon makes us even more proud of you.
May God bless you with even more prosperity.
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