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Schneller Verein - Switzerland

Mr. Christoph Schmitter of Schneller Verein - Switzerland kindly volunteered to spend part of his sabbatical year to help at Schneller - Lebanon. He came for one month and stayed in Schneller until December 8th. He spent this time learning about our school and helping us develop small projects to encourage entrepreneurship in our students. His advice was highly appreciated, and he worked out a few small projects that will be implemented with funds he and his wife kindly donated. He will also help us implement the other projects in partnership with Schneller Verein - Switzerland. He will return in February to spend another month with us to begin work on all these projects. We will keep you informed about those projects as they are implemented. We express our gratitude to Mr. Schmitter for his wonderful advice and the very valuable time he spent with us, and we also thank Schneller Verein - Switzerland for their kind support of our school. 
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Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

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