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Single Mothers' Graduation 2019 I

Single Mothers Graduation 2019 IThe graduation of the first group of single mothers (Syrian refugees) for the year 2019 was held in Maria Schneller Hall on Wednesday 15 May 2019 at 10:40 AM.
Ten women who completed the three-month training program in sewing and dress-making received their certificates and sewing machines.
Attending were the JLSS heads of departments.
The director opened with a word of prayer. He emphasized the duty of human beings to support sisters and brothers who are suffering. This is exactly what the German partners of Schneller School (EVS/EMS) are doing through this wonderful project.
He congratulated the women on their achievements and wished them success in their work.
With their acquired skills they should be able to support themselves and their children.
The women then cut the cake which was baked for the occasion by our kitchen staff.
The single mothers expressed their sincere gratitude to Schneller School and EMS/EVS for the training and all the other support they and their children received through the program.
We express our sincere gratitude to our German partners EMS/EVS for supporting this wonderful program.
We also thank Mrs. Carmen Zino for her wonderful work and patience in helping the women acquire the required skills.

The names of the ten women are:
Rana Ahmad al_Khodor, Aaya Mohammad al-Hajali, Mirfat Mohammad Khater, Rania Ali al-Sayyed, Iman Hassan al-Mohammad, Rola Maarouf Hammar, Husseima Hussam al_Rifaee, Mausaa Mohammad al-Ghazou, Houda Mahmoud al-Sayyed Ahmad, and Mariam Rakan Ramadan.

Single Mothers Graduation 2019 I

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