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Snow Storm and School Interruption Snow Covers JLSS

The anticipated snow storm arrived during the early hours of Thursday 4 February 2010. JLSS students and staff woke up to discover the beautiful blanket of Snow that covered the whole region. Our staff from the boarding department, main kitchen, security, and bakery challenged the snow and reported for duty to look after our boarding children. As teaching was interrupted and the school closed, house-parents of the boarding department had to work 24 hours a day to look after the children. Many parents came to school to take their children home. We assured those who could not do so that their children were well looked after, and there was no need to take risks on the hazardous roads to try to bring them home. We only allowed children whose parents came to collect them (or sent cars for them) to leave. Our boarding and security staff made sure no one left the school unaccompanied by his/her parents or the driver sent by them. The older boys Girls Playing Games who usually returned home on their own were not allowed to leave. Although they were not happy at first, after arranging for them to contact their parents their anger subsided and they understood that those measures were to ensure their safety. School resumed the following Monday after the storm subsided. We express our thanks to all our dedicated members of staff who challenged the storm to come and look after our children. We especially thank house-parents of the boarding department who worked continuously 24 hours a day caring for the children who were not able to go home.

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