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Snow Storm Dec. 2013

Tuesday 10 December 2013 was a normal school day. News of an approaching storm was very quickly circulating among students. A snow storm is delightful news to all students. It imposes an unforeseen break from school, but when it comes in the middle of the week of midterm exams, it becomes more than delightful to most students. Snow Storm December 2013
The minister of education took the decision to close all schools in Lebanon. Although the decision was announced around 5.00 PM trying to conceal this information from students was futile. Parents were already calling saying that it was already snowing in their regions, and they want to come to take their children (boarding students) home. Within an hour most of the boarding students had already been taken home. A few were left until Wednesday morning when they also were taken home.
It was really difficult to appreciate the decision of the minister of education as the weather on Wednesday morning was good, but the afternoon was very different. The temperature dropped very quickly and snow started to fall. The storm continued until Saturday noon time. Temperatures had dropped to -2 C° and the Real Feel index at times was -14C°. We had 15 to 25 cm of snow in JLSS.
The minister of education was very wise to make that decision. All the children were already home when the storm started. It is so nice to occasionally have something well done in our country! Amazingly, the first days of the storm there was nothing but criticism on the media. The poor politicians never win even when they get it right!
Our thoughts were with the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon who were living in badly constructed tents with very little food and less than adequate heating if any.
This storm made us pray more than ever for peace in Syria and our region. The suffering of millions of people is totally unnecessary, if only people learnt to live under democratically elected governments that are truly elected by the people and accountable to the people.
May this day come to our region soon!

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