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Solar Water Heating Installation & Repair Training Solar Water Heating Course

In cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Lebanon, a training course was offered to trainers and students in JLSS about the installation and repair of solar water heating systems. The Development Cooperation Office of the Italian Embassy represented by Mr. Dietmar Veberbalher and the Lebanese Solar Energy Society (LSES) represented by Mr. Nader Haj Shehadeh organized the course for two days extending from 17 till 18 November 2011. The course covered two systems: vacuum tubes and flat plate (mirror) systems. Trainers from Car Mechanics, General Mechanics, Electricity, Carpentry, and Maintenance departments along Solar Water Heating Course with DS2 students attended the course. The first day covered the theoretical side and the second day was practical application of what was learnt. The Development Cooperation Office of the Italian Embassy sponsored the course and all its material. Furthermore, they left all the training material and equipment as a donation to JLSS to allow our  trainers to offer this course in the future.

We express our sincere gratitude to the Italian Embassy in Lebanon, its Development Cooperation Office, the Lebanese Solar Energy Society, Mr. Dietmar Veberbalher, and Mr. Nader Haj Shehadeh for this excellent and very informing course. The knowledge and expertise acquired by our staff and students will be most useful to them personally and to our school. We will also share this knowledge whenever necessary by offering this course ourselves to the local Bikaa community.

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