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Summer 2016 ProjectsNew Kindergarten Center

In addition to the regular maintenance work we do every summer, four very important projects were completed this Summer.

The final stage of the Kindergarten Center was done. The house behind the administration building was transformed into a beautiful Kindergarten center. Work this stage was inside the house. The outside was done in previous years. Access to the upper floor from the ground floor was added so children and teachers can go up the stairway without having to go outside.
New Kindergarten-size facilities (toilets, wash basins, and showers) were constructed in each floor, and the kitchens were renovated. Central heating was added, and the play-area outside was fitted with artificial grass.
New furniture was bought as needed.
Teachers had to quickly move to the new center the very last week of the Summer holiday in preparation for the new academic year. They just managed in time.
Children arrived to a most beautiful center that is spacious, well lit, and very well equipped to facilitate their learning and be a fun place to enjoy.

3rd Stage of Energy Project The third stage of the energy project was also done. The building housing the three boarding homes for vocational boys had its energy room completely renovated in accordance with the plan prepared by Mr. Rolf Bartel. Mr. Bartel will visit JLSS in November 2016 to check the work and test the system. He will make the necessary adjustments to make it as efficient and economical as the other two energy rooms that were completed in previous years. This will bring additional savings on our diesel expenditure and allow us to provide adequate heating in winter for these boarding homes.
We express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Bartel for designing and implementing these modern and efficient heating systems.

BBH3 New Roof Tiles The replacement of the roof-tiles of the building housing Boys Boarding Home 3 was also completed. The roof-tiles were old and badly damaged. The damp and water leakage problems in that building  deteriorated during the last years. In winter most of the bedrooms had a lot of water in them during heavy rain. The roof-tiles were so old and badly damaged making all our repair efforts in vain. The problem was really bad during snowstorms. This was the last building in our school, other than the farm-house, which needed its roof-tiles replaced. During the last few years the roof-tiles of St. Michael's Church, the Kindergarten Center, and BBH2 were all replaced. Finally, all our buildings with the exception of the farm-house have new roof-tiles.
New LED Street Lights We sincerely thank our German partners EVS/EMS for funding these very important projects in addition to paying the travel expenses of Mr. Rolf Bartel.

Last was Phase 1 of the Solar Street Lighting Project. It was funded by the Rotary Foundation, namely RC Hamburg, RC Wasserburg, and RC Beirut Cosmopolitan. In preparation for Phase 2 when photovoltaic panels will be installed to provide electricity to the street lighting system, all the old street lights needed to be replaced with energy efficient LED lights. The campus peripheries and dark areas were also lit with additional LED lights.
Unfortunately, upon installing the new lights they started going out of order at an alarming rate. The contractor was asked to replace the faulty ones which he did. A week later most of the others became faulty. They also had to be replaced. Apparently, these LED street lights were assembled in Lebanon, and those who did the job were not assembling them properly. A nearby village had exactly the same problem. The contractor assured us that they are all under guarantee and he will continue to replace them as necessary. Two additional lights developed the same fault and still need replacement. Other than this very unfortunate aspect of the project, we are very grateful to the Rotary Foundation for this project. The campus now is very well lit. The efficiency of LED lights will reduce our electricity bill substantially. We look forward to the implementation of Phase 2 of the project when all the JLSS street lights will be powered by photovoltaic panels. We express our sincere gratitude to the Rotary Foundation, RC Hamburg, RC Wasserburg, and RC Beirut Cosmopolitan for this very important project.

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