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Teachers' Day Celebration 2014

On the occasion of Teachers' Day a special programs was held on Thursday 6 March 2014 at 1.00 PM in Hermann SchnellerTeachers' Day Celebration 2014 Hall.
The Academic Department organized the program. Every class-teacher prepared her/his students to participate in the program.
Students and children performed well in singing, sketches, and other performances. There were many funny moments when children forgot their parts, or when power went off interrupting a good performance. One of our students, Jihan Safiyyeh, surprised everyone with her exceptional talent in singing to the delight of all attending, especially the boys. The program was very enjoyable.
The singing and dancing were very good thanks to the training our students received under both our music teacher, Mr. Joseph Sleilati, and our sports teacher, Mr. Michael Karam.
Mr. Karam also designed the beautiful background art for the stage.
As usual Mr. Sleilati composed very nice music and wrote nice songs for the occasion.
Teachers' Day Celebration 2014 Rev. George D. Haddad thanked all the teachers, educators, and trainers and congratulated them. He also said the opening prayer.
The Head of the Academic Department, Mrs. Rita Shakrina, addressed the teachers, trainers, and educators. She also thanked and congratulated them on the occasion.
The chairman and members of the Parents' Committee attended the program. We thank them for their presence and wonderful support of our school.
We also express our thanks to all the teachers and students who worked hard to produce this very nice program.
Happy Teachers' Day to the whole Schneller team.

Students of Grades 9, 10, and 11 had a surprise for the teachers during the morning break of Friday 7 March. The teachers were called for a meeting in the Fellowship Hall to discover upon arrival students waiting for them with roses, cake, and refreshments. The teachers and students cut the cake, and then all enjoyed the delicious cakes and sweets.
We thank the students of Grades 9, 10, and 11 for this nice surprise to our teachers.

Teachers Surprised by Grades 10 and 11

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