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Visit of Rolf Bartel September 2014

New Energy Project As all the central heating systems in JLSS are very old and are wasting a lot of diesel, our partners in Germany, the EVS Foundation, kindly sponsored an energy plan for the upgrading of all those old systems.
EVS requested the help of the energy expert in Weiblingen - Germany, Mr. Rolf Bartel, to prepare a four-year plan for the replacement of the old systems.
The first stage of this plan was executed this summer.
We are very grateful to Energy Works of Weiblingen for allowing Mr. Bartel to fly from Germany during his work days to support this project. Mr. Bartel came a few times under this arrangement.
Lately, there were changes in Energy Works of Weiblingen, and this support was ended. The only option for Mr. Bartel that was left was for him to come to JLSS during his yearly holiday.
This is what he did, and we are most grateful for this distinguished and dedicated support of JLSS. Rolf Working in JLSS
Mr. Bartel stayed in JLSS from Sunday 21 until Sunday 28 September, 2014. The plan was for him to have a few days visiting various touristic sites in Lebanon, but the work load was so enormous, he worked the whole period.
He supervised the installation of the new systems. There were enormous challenges which he patiently tackled, and he was able to run and test the systems the day before his return to Germany. He worked long hours with the Schneller maintenance staff and the contracted team, doing the work himself all the time, leading the other members of the team to achieve the intended targets in time. He worked late at night and early in the morning on his own in order to have the system efficiently running before his departure.
We express our most sincere gratitude to Mr. Rolf Bartel for his amazing kindness and friendship towards our school. We thank him for his magnificent work and incredible dedication.
We especially thank the EVS Foundation for sending us Mr. Bartel and for funding this very important project.

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