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Wonderful News from BibleLands

We received wonderful news form Ms. Morag Gillies, Partnerships Coordinator of BibleLands, that the Partnership Committee in its May 10, 2011 meeting, decided to award our school a grant of GBP 20,625.00 to fund the renovations and repairs for the girls boarding house. The girls boarding house has very serious damp and water leakage problems that makes it very unhealthy for our girls, especially in winter. During the last visit of BibleLands trustees and staff to JLSS on Tuesday 2 November 2010, Mr. Douglas Calander who is a civil engineer, kindly inspected the girls boarding house and sent us a detailed report of all the works that must be conducted on the building to correct the damp situation. The Maintenance Department in JLSS received offers for the works and estimated the total cost of the project. BibleLands kindly decided to provide us with the grant that will cover the whole project. We will execute this project this summer.
BibleLands also sent us and additional grant of GBP 500.00 for buying new books for our library.
We express our sincere gratitude to BibleLands, its trustees, staff, and supporters, for their wonderful support. BibleLands has been a true and dedicated partner that accompanied our school in every development, and allowed us to make a huge difference in the care we provide to underprivileged children. We praise God for this truly Christian partnership that is transforming life in our school.
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