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3rd Trimester 2018 News

All school programs and activities were held on schedule for the third trimester of the academic year 2017/2018 with one exception. The funfair had to be postponed a few days because of rain on the chosen date. The funfair responsibility fell on Mrs. Souad Akroush.

Although it was a big challenge to organize the funfair for the first time, Mrs. Akroush, rose to theFunfair 2018 challenge and organized a wonderful funfair on Thursday 17 May 2018.
Mr. Elie Farhat with other teachers, trainers, members of staff, and students assisted Mrs. Akroush in preparation and organization.
Rev. Dr. Uwe Gräbe who was visiting JLSS from Tuesday 15 till Friday 18 May was also able to enjoy the day and spend a lot of time with students and members of staff. He also had a go playing the local drum (DIRBAKKA) keeping a good rhythm to the great delight of our students.
It was a very successful funfair that everyone enjoyed.

Just a day before the funfair, Hartmut and Magdalene Kälberer who were visiting left JLSS. Hartmut Kälberers worked in JLSS from 1962 till 1965. He actually started vocational training in electrical works in JLSS and even used to sleep in the workshop because as he said, the very beginnings were very difficult with little resources. His wife later joined him when the work was established. They both were very emotional visiting after all those years. They talked to our staff and students about the old times and the work they did. They hugged every element that was remaining from their time including the main electric board of the carpentry workshop and an elm tree they planted long ago. They had a photo of both of them standing under the elm tree just before they left in 1965. They stood under the same elm tree, which is huge now, holding the old photo and had a new version of that photo taken.

Kaelberers in JLSSHe relayed a nice story from the old times to tell our students how difficult it was in Germany at that time. He wanted to make our students appreciate how difficult it was to establish JLSS at the end of the 2nd World War in order to teach them not to take anything for granted.
One of his friends who was also an electrician got stuck in East Germany after the Berlin Wall prevented people from returning to West Germany.
This friend had an electric drill that he needed to use as he started work but was not able to do so. Bits for the drill were not available in East Germany. He wrote to Hartmut telling him about his problem and how much his work would be easier had he had those drill bits.
Hartmut bought the drill bits in Lebanon and sent them to his friend by post to his great delight. The joke they both shared then was that those drill bits proved that Schneller School in Lebanon was supporting rebuilding the economy of Germany!
It was wonderful to have Hartmut and Magdalene Kälberer in JLSS and to hear from them about the old days.

The following week Mrs. Akroush also organized the Field Day on Wednesday 23 May 2018. It was another exciting day for all our students. It was equally successful.
Various sports activities were conducted during the day. Exciting new games were introduced to students, and many competitions were held. Mrs. Akroush with other teachers and trainers worked tirelessly all day, moving from one activity to another, until at the end of the day, a football game was played.
It was the blue team against the red team. Both teams had players from both the academic and vocational departments. The blue team won the game.
The day was concluded with handing the trophy to the winning team and distributing the medals to students who won various competitions.

The Kindergarten graduation was held on Thursday 7 June 2018 at 10:30 AM in Hermann Schneller Hall. The program began with the Lebanese national anthem. The director said a short prayer, welcomed parents, and thanked teachers for their work with the children.
A very nice program followed in which children showed their achievements and talent by singing and dancing.
The art exhibition of the work of children through the year was very impressive.
At the end of the program KG3 children received their certificates. They later joined their parents for cake and refreshments.

The results of the official exams for students of the Vocational Department were very encouraging. We had a 100% success rate. Sadly, one of our students had to undergo appendicitis surgery on the day of the exams. He will sit for the exam later in summer during the second session.

We were deeply saddened by the tragic death of one of our students early July. Khaled Al-Saleh who was in BBH3 and Grade 6 last year was home for the summer holiday. He died in a car accident as he was helping his father farm the fields. He had been in JLSS for the last four years. He was very helpful, kind, very cooperative and friendly. He was very popular among students and especially his educators. He never complained or hurt anyone and was always ready to help in his nice and quiet way. His loss was a big shock to everyone and certainly a great tragedy. We pray that God may be with his family and friends.
He will be greatly missed. Khaled Al Saleh Last Christmas

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