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Adha Celebrations 2011Adha Celebration 2011

When the director was entering chapel on Thursday 3 November 2011, our youngest boarding student (KG1) was rushing towards him wanting to say something very important. With a big smile she told him: "thank you for the delicious Adha dinner". It was the celebration of the Adha Feast, and our kitchen prepared the tradition dinner of OUZEH (rice with meat), FATTOUSH (Lebanese Green Salad with small pieces of  toasted Lebanese bread), MOUTABAL (mashed eggplant with TAHINEH and garlic), French fries, and MOUGHLI (traditional Lebanese dessert). The kitchen staff excelled that night, and students were delighted with the delicious food.
For the chapel service celebrating Adha this year we wanted to invite a member of the Druze community as Adha is their most important feast. Sheiks declined our invitation as they cannot enter a church, so we tried to have a senior member of the Druze community to talk Adha Celebration 2011to our students about Adha Feast. We could not get a guest speaker in time, so we resorted to our students who were asked to prepare the chapel service. They did a wonderful job, and their talk and prayer were excellent giving our celebration a special meaning.
We thank our boys who prepared the wonderful chapel service. We hope next year we will be able to find a guest speaker in time. We wish all our students and members of staff a very happy Adha Feast.
Students left the next day Friday 4 November for the Adha holiday which extended until Thursday morning November 10 when classes resumed.
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