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Criteria for Admitting Boarding Students to Johann Ludwig Schneller School:
The criteria for admitting boarding students to our School are based on its mission statement that states:
Johann Ludwig Schneller School is an evangelical ecumenical institution in Lebanon. It strives to provide a healthy home to underprivileged children regardless of their gender, race, or religion. The aim is to equip them with the necessary means to become responsible citizens in their societies by nurturing them spiritually, ethically, and caring for their academic education and vocational training.

Priority Scale
1- Orphan (parents are deceased) 
2- No parental support (mother and father are terminally ill or disabled)
3- Half orphan (father or mother is deceased)
4- Father is terminally ill or disabled
5- Mother is terminally ill or disabled
6- Broken Home (large families, divorce, violence, etc.)
7- Other special social cases (e.g., refugee)
8- Desperate poverty

Important Remarks:
Since 2000 no student is admitted to our School except after his/her application is reviewed by the head of the boarding department, the head of the academic or vocational department, the school doctor, and the executive director. In many cases a team of educators (house parents) visits the candidate and submits a report explaining the candidate‚Äôs actual life circumstances. Boarding students who are subsidized by the Ministry of Social Affairs are not charged any fees. The contribution of the Ministry of Social Affairs covers approximately 18-20% of the actual cost of boarding and education. J. L. Schneller School depends on partners and donors to cover the remaining cost. Day students who need financial aid are also granted scholarship after filling Financial Aid Applications and submitting them to the Financial Aid Committee. 
Schneller School Name in Arabic
Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

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