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Advent and Christmas Celebrations 2018

Christmas Celebration 2018Advent and Christmas were celebrated this year as usual in accordance with Schneller traditions.
The season began with the making of advent wreaths and decorations for the church and every boarding home.
The celebration of St. Nicholas Day followed on 5/6 December 2018 with the usual Schneller gift of peanuts and tangerines after chapel.
Mr. Wissam Saadeh with the boys of Family 5 who previously made the advent wreath for church, did an excellent job decorating the Christmas tree there too.
Finally, the Christmas celebrations were held on Thursday 20 December.
The Junior school held its Christmas program at 11:00 AM. It was a very nice program in which every class participated with a carol, poem, or sketch. Carols were sung in Arabic, English, German, and French. Everyone had a wonderful time.
We congratulate our students and teachers for the nice program that was presented.
The program of the boarding department began with the Christmas service in St. Michael's Church at 6:00 PM followed by the traditional Christmas dinner, and finally the distribution of presents to all students. Miss Rabab Matta with the two Santa Claus volunteers from the vocational boarding homes did an excellent job distributing the presents to students.
We thank Miss Rabab Matta, Mr. Saadeh, Chef Salah and his kitchen team, and all the educators who worked hard to make our celebrations very joyful. 
We sincerely thank the Lutheran Board for Mission Support - USA (LBMS) and Mr. Abie Moussa for providing the funds for Christmas presents to all boarding students this year.
Christmas Celebration 2018  Christmas Celebration 2018
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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