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Advent and Christmas Celebrations 2013

Children with St. Barbara's Mask In accordance with Schneller traditions, boys and girls of every Family (boarding home) made an advent wreath the week before the first Sunday in Advent, and they put it in the dining room of their home.
The boys of Family 4 also made the wreath for the church.
Singing in evening chapel slowly shifted to Advent and Christmas hymns. Boarding homes, classes, and some trees around the campus were decorated with Christmas decorations.
As is traditional in Lebanon St. Barbara's day was celebrated on the evening of 3 December. A special wheat porridge was offered for dessert after the evening meal in every boarding home. The very young boys and girls of the boarding department made face masks for the occasion.
St. Nicholas Eve The kindergarten children of the Academic Department also made face masks and visited the director's office on St. Barbara's Day on December 4. They received sweets after singing the traditional St. Barbara's Day folk rhymes.
St. Nicolas Day was also celebrated on Thursday 5 December during evening chapel. At the end of the chapel service two students dressed as St. Nicolas gave each student a bag containing tangerines and nuts.
The academic department held its Christmas program on Thursday 19 December at 1.30 PM. It was a very nice program prepared by our Music teacher Mr. Joseph Sleilati and other teachers of the Academic Department. Teachers also had festive activities with their students in the classrooms.
The Edukans shoebox presents were given to all JLSS students, in stages, the previous three days.
We sincerely thank Edukans Schoenmaatjes (a child to child gift campaign). Edukans Gifts Given to Children We thank the Edukans children who kindly donated those presents. The Schneller children thank you very much!
We especially thank the National Evangelical Church in Beirut for sending these presents which delighted all our students.
A special thank you goes also to the Sunday School children of the National Evangelical Church in Beirut who sent Christmas presents to JLSS children.
The boarding department started its celebrations with a service of Lessons and Carols held at six o'clock in St. Michael's Church. Mr. Sleilati playing the clarinet accompanied Rev. George Haddad who was playing the piano for the service.
Christmas dinner followed the service. It was held in the boarding homes. Teachers, trainers, and members of staff were invited with their families. A few came and enjoyed the evening with our children.
Later in the evening Santa Embrace Gifts to Boarding Children Claus arrived and distributed the Christmas presents. Two students form Family 7 (Boarding Home 7) took the Santa duty this year. They distributed presents to all students of the boarding department.
The Christmas presents were bought with a kind grant from Embrace the Middle East (formerly BibleLands).
We express our sincere gratitude to Embrace the Middle East for enabling us to buy gifts for all our children, year after year.
We thank all our students, teachers, and members of staff who prepared the wonderful programs.
We especially thank our kitchen staff for preparing the delicious dinner.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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