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Advent Time in JLSS

 Advent 2009 in JLSSAs usual in JLSS especially in the boarding department, there is a lot of excitement during the season of Advent. It starts with the kids who stay in JLSS for the weekends, because they are the ones who really have the fun. Assisted by their house-parents they  make the Advent wreaths and decorate their boarding homes (Families).
This year was no exception. Although during the first Sunday in Advent the children were at home for the weekend, we were able catch up with our JLSS traditions on Saturday before the 2nd Sunday in Advent. The children were anxious because of this delay, and many were asking: "When are we going to make the Advent wreaths? Why didn't we make them already?" Many children stopped the director as he was walking around the school to specifically ask for that.
The head of the boarding department, Mr. Martin Bernhard, who is very artistically talented especially with greeneries and flowers, began the excitement by making a huge Advent wreath for the church. Advent 2009 in JLSSHe even had the candles hand-made to his requirements by a local candle maker. When the children saw the wreath in church they became restless wanting to make their own in every boarding home.
Saturday afternoon at 3.30 PM was supposed to be the time for making the wreaths. House parents couldn't make the children wait until that time. They rushed to the place were the greeneries were, right after lunch, and competitive action began. Children of each boarding home (Family) with their house-parent were boasting their artistic skills. A passerby had to tactfully avoid the repetitive question: isn't our wreath the nicest? Others were saying: wait and see until we are done!
The younger ones had no other way to release their excitement but to have a wild time at the swings and seesaws nearby. It was a very pleasant time enriched by the lovely fragrance of cut pine and cypress branches, and the symphony of child-excitement. The fresh cool breeze, typical in our region at this time of year, made it even more beautiful.
Volunteers were also assisting and learning. They were expected to Advent 2009 in JLSSbe the experts, and the children had a great time when they discovered that some of the volunteers were making Advent wreaths for the first time.
The beautiful green wreaths eventually began to show, and children were proudly carrying them to their homes, while others continuously pestered Mr. Martin Bernhard to go to his office to get the candles.
A refreshing drizzle of rain concluded the lovely afternoon and added to the excitement of children as they enjoyed the refreshing cool drops of water on their faces and hair. It was time to return to the boarding homes having had a wonderful afternoon that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. The anticipation of lighting the candles the next day was leaving evident expressions on their faces.
Advent is a time of rejoicing, and JLSS children had their share of excitement and fun.
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