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Advent Tradition Revived

The old Schneller tradition linked to the season of Advent and Christmas was revived this year. Students of every family were busy making handcrafts to decorate their buildings. Our metal workshop made the metal rings with four candle holders for the advent wreaths. Children from every family made advent wreathes. They were told that on Sunday morning 3rd of December they will light the first candle so every family made its wreath in time. It was a time of great excitement for everyone. The families with teachers (educators) who have been in Schneller for over five years had an edge over the others as they were able to make the wreaths easily, while the newer ones had to slowly learn to make them. The end result was good for all the families. Children are also learning Christmas carols in Arabic, English, and German. The children are doing amazingly well learning carols and crafts and enjoying them.
Schneller School Name in Arabic
Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

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