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Dr. Hanna & Mrs. Katerina Aghabi in JLSS

Dr. Hanna and Mrs. Katerina Aghabi visited Schneller on Friday May 22, 2009.  They met the students who receive the Aghabi Dr. Hanna & Katerina Aghabi in JLSSScholarship. They also gave the director a donation of US$ 1000 towards the Aghabi Scholarship for the Academic Year 2009/2010, and the honoring certificates for the outstanding students. Dr. & Mrs. Aghabi caught up with old friends, and added two additional awards for next year: one for US$ 150 for the model student of JLSS and another for US$ 100 for excellence in art. Everyone at JLSS was delighted to see Dr. Hanna Aghabi and Mrs. Katerina. We express our most sincere gratitude to the Aghabies for their kind and encouraging support to JLSS students. 
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Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

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