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Al-Munaizel Beitensten Workshop II

The more workshops we have from Musa Al-Munaizel and Katharina Beitensten, the more we appreciate the wonderful contribution both are making in the life of our school. Musa is the advisor for pedagogical concerns in Theodore Schneller School - Amman, and Katharina is specialized in sports and using sports activities for therapeutically purposes and is currently working as an EMS volunteer in the same school. The last workshop which was held in JLSS from May 1st until the 5th was perfectly timed to meet the urgent needs of our boarding department. Our  educators benefitted enormously from it and thus our children and our school. The workshops are proving to be an absolute necessary for the fulfillment of our objective of providing loving care and relaxed and happy homes to our children. The workshops are providing our educators with a forum for training and discussion of the challenges they meet daily in their very difficult task. The benefit is so much appreciated that we are now hoping to extend those workshops to our teachers. We hope Musa’s time will allow him to do more for our school as we badly need his expertise. So thank you very much Musa and Katharina for providing us with this enormous help. We very much look forward to more of these workshops, and to furthering the cooperation between our two sister school. 
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