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JLSS Alumni & LBMS Donate € 9,500

We received wonderful news from Mr. Aziz Shalaby that the Schneller Alumni and LBMS (the Lutheran Board of Mission in the USA) donated a total of 9,500 Euros to JLSS. We already received a check for US$ 750 being a donation from Mr. Charles Stefan (US$ 500) and Mr. John Hamzo (US$ 250) which is a contribution for the science lab. Furthermore, Mr. Aziz Shalaby donated US$ 1,000 and informed us that the LBMS board will contribute what is currently in the fund for the lab (US$ 5,500) plus a balance of US$ 8,000 from LBMS for a total of US$ 14,250 (€ 9,500).
We thank Mr. Shalaby, Mr. Stefan, Mr. Hamzo, LBMS, and the Schneller alumni for this generous donation.
This amount will soon be used to equip our school with an excellent up-to-date science laboratory. Thank you very much!
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