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Minutes of 21 June 2008 get-together in Niagara Falls

6/21/2008 get-together minutes
1. We took a moment of silence and reflection for Taroub Neaimi, Rev. Al Roberts, George Haddad and Doris Mueller Hartmut Brenner’s’ sister. A sympathy card was signed by all and sent to Bruder Brenner. 
2. Nick Neaimi welcomed the attendees. Aziz Shalaby thanked the attendees for their participation and read or relayed messages from Rev. Haddad, Hartmut Brenner, Ghassan Shehadeh, Yeghia Yeghiayan, John Naim, Joe Habr, and Elias Abd Elmassih. Rev Haddad’s Message was read and distributed to the attendees. Major issues were highlighted.   
a. Dr. Baseel Rishmawi  has been elected to the EVS Board in Germany
b. An endowment for Education and Peace was established in Germany
c. Schneller is celebrating 150th Anniversary in 2010 in Lebanon, Germany and Jordan. A website is available for all to record memories, anecdotes, reflections, pictures and traditions. It is the hope that this site will be a biography of the school for generations to come. Contributions can be made in Arabic German, or English.
3. Ramzi Otaki asked some basic questions about the school. Aziz Shalaby answered the questions based on discussions, jlss.org website and Publications such as Zikrayat. The Group had other questions that Ramzi will be able to ask Rev Haddad during his upcoming visit to the school. Ramzi will share the answers with us.
4. Nimer Haddad discussed his project of creating a video depicting the short biography of participating alumni. This video can be part of the ‘memoirs’ of the school.
5. Aziz Shalaby discussed volunteering as a great help to the school and a very worth wile contribution. He indicated the immediate need for science teacher and IT administrator. There is a need for all types of volunteers as well. If interested, please download an application from the school website jlss.org. Fill it out and send it directly to Rev Haddad so you can explore with him the need and the ways to volunteer. The school had volunteers from all over the world.
6. Organization: We established a committee to select a place for our 2009 get-together that has been decided to take place. The committee will decide 2009 location. The committee consists of Nick Neaimi, John Dahdal and Rafik Elfar.
7. Ramzi Otaki will be the deputy for the work that Aziz Shalaby does. We need new blood and volunteers in order to keep this work up and together.
8. In our open discussion we did some self critiquing. We decided to send a survey to all alumni and friends in order to get their input so our meetings can be better attended and more fruitful. Aziz Shalaby will send the survey. Results of the survey will be shared with all. Meeting evaluation will be circulated at the end of our meetings. Aziz Shalaby will discuss with John Hamzo the possibility of getting a sponsor for our meetings.
9. There is request for an updated directory. Aziz Shalaby will follow up on this.
10. Handouts included LBMS envelope and slip, Rev. Haddad’s message, Information about the school, the guest house and Schneller bread. Yeghia’s biography in German as well.
Ramzi, and 21 members of his family, visited the school in August. He was truly impressed and was satisfied with Rev. Haddad’s answers .  Ramzi will be following up on circulating  and implementing the idea of SAFA sponsoring several students on annual basis or contributing  monthly to several other students.
Thanks Ramzi.
Schneller School Name in Arabic
Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

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