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Arrival of Volunteer Mehgan Abdelmassih

Meghan with Matthias and Lisa Mehgan Abdelmassih, our volunteer from the United States of America, arrived on Monday 12 October 2009. She will be helping in our school with our other volunteers from Australia and Germany. She will also be assisting in the boarding department. Mehgan is from Lebanese origins. Her father Elias is an alumnus of JLSS. Meghan brought with her a few pictures, which the director was so happy to see especially when he discovered that Meghan's father, Elias, was a former classmate and also a roommate in Family Five (boarding home number five). This is the first year we have an alumnus' son and another alumnus' daughter as volunteers in our school. We are greatly encouraged by this development, and we hope it will lead to further involvement of alumni in the support of our school. We thank Meghan for volunteering to work in our school and we wish her a happy and fruitful year in JLSS.
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