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Aziz Joel and Aliyya Shalaby in JLSS Shalabies in JLSS

Alumnus Aziz Shalaby visited JLSS with his son Joel and Daughter Aliyya on Tuesday 15 September 2015. Aziz is a longtime supporter of our school personally and through his work on LBMS (the Lutheran Board for Mission Support - USA).
It was so wonderful to have Aziz in our school because he could see all the projects that were completed with kind grants from LBMS. The school was transformed through these projects ranging from the new science lab, the new IT Class, Ernest and Frida Stammeier Library, the replacement of the roof tiles for St. Michael's Church, support for the energy project, and various other projects.
The Shalabies were also accompanied with their friend Chaker Nasseef.
Joel was carrying a huge duffle bag loaded with medical and stationery items that the Shalabies kindly donated for the children of JLSS. Carrying that huge and very heavy bag, all the way form the USA, was a great donation by itself. All sorts of Medical Items Donated by Shalabies medical and stationery items were loaded into what one could easily call a Mary Poppins bag full of wonderful surprises for our children.
The group met the director then visited the various places of the school. Aziz was proudly showing Joel and Aliyya the Family (boarding home) he lived in, the classes he studied in, and the various places of his good memories JLSS.
They then had a nice Lebanese lunch that was prepared by our kitchen staff headed by Chef Salah Azzam.
Just before departure Aziz donated US$ 1,000 to our school.
We express our thanks to the Shalabies for their wonderful visit and all the wonderful items they brought for our children. We also express our sincere gratitude to Aziz for his kind donation and most wonderful support of our school.

Stationery Items Donated by Shalabies

Dr. Basil Rischmaui and his wife visited JLSS in August and stayed overnight, but unfortunately the school was closed for the summer holiday.

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