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Back to School September 2012 Back to School 2012

The new Academic Year started on Monday 24 September 2012. Grade 9 started earlier on September 12 in order to have a head-start in preparation for the official exams at the end of the Academic Year.

This year we had an unprecedented number of applications. 117 new students joined our school 19 of which are Syrian refugees kindly sponsored by our German partners EVS.
Although this huge number of new students reflected the high appreciation of the local community of our school, it lead to an enormous work-load on the administration and all the departments.
One class had to be divided into two sections. An additional boarding home had to be opened, and two additional educators were employed.
Back to School 2012 Although each and every member of the Schneller team of teachers, trainers, educators and staff had an enormous load at the start of the academic year, everyone was happy that the hard work of the previous few years restored the reputation of our school to its former glory.

The school was ready for students with all the summer projects completed in time. Children returned eagerly to school after the long summer holiday. Boarding children always return reluctantly with their typical sad faces and tears, but with the passing of the first few days playfulness and joy are quickly restored. Meeting old friends always makes the process easier. It is the new students who usually take longer to adjust.
With the huge number of new students this year, teachers and educators had a lot to deal with. Soon normal routine took over and the teaching and training programs were running in full stride. Back to School 2012

The new program that was launched this year was DS Carpentry. Finally, this program which we worked hard for developing the last few years is running normally. JLSS is the first school to have this program in Lebanon.
We have three students joining our new vocational training program for girls. They will be studying the BP course in cosmetics.
We also have one student training in the bakery.

We praise God for this excellent start of the Academic Year. We pray for peace in Lebanon and our region that this year be a blessed and fruitful one. 


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