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Backaldrin Support to Schneller Bakery

Backaldrin People with Schneller BakersAmong the fruits of the latest visit of SES (Senior Expert Services of Germany) expert, Mr. Werner Haag, to JLSS was the establishment of the link with Backaldrin dealers in Lebanon which provide European flour-mixes to the Middle East markets. Previously we were dependant on one local supplier for those flour mixes. When they were out of flour, our production was sometimes interrupted until the flour mixes arrived. Now we have an alternative source and our business relationship with Backaldrin is developing in many ways that are enhancing our bakery operations.
On Thursday 27 May 2010 the sales coordinator of Backaldrin in Lebanon, Ms. Micheline Abi Khalil, came to our school along with the Austrian baker, Günter Koxeder, in order to provide our bakery staff with additional support and technical advice. They both spent the morning with our bakery staff providing them with new recipes and technical advice to deal with some of the challenges they were facing. Mr. Koxeder was very happy with the skills of our bakers. He was also very helpful in resolving some of the issues that our bakers were facing, especially regarding the new flour mixes. We were also very happy to know that Backaldrin can also provide us with other bakery ingredients which we regularly need. Upon sampling their products we found them to be of superior quality and their price was also competitive.
Our customers who sampled the new products (Russian Bread, English Cake, Rich Cereal Dark Bread, etc.) were very happy with them. We plan to introduce all those new products to our customers soon.
We express our thanks to Ms. Micheline Abi Khalil, Mr. Günter Koxeder, and Backaldrin for their wonderful contribution to our bakery, and we look forward to developing our partnership with them.
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