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BBW & EMS Equipment and Toys to JLSS

Potato PeelerWe received a shipment from BBW and EMS comprising of toys that were collected from BBW and EMS staff. It included a badly needed potato peeler for our main kitchen. The shipment also  included two sewing machines and kitchen equipment for our vocational training center for girls which is under construction. We express our most sincere gratitude to BBW and EMS for the equipment and toys. We especially thank Ms. Marita Clausen, Mr. Helmut Hekmann, and Ms. Johanna Hagen for all their work and effort in collecting and sending this valuable equipment and those lovely toys to our school. Our kitchen staff are delighted with their potato peeler which will save them from long hours of peeling potatoes; and our very young children are very happy with the toys that they received. Thank you BBW and EMS for bringing smiles to the faces of the young and old in JLSS.
Children Enjoying the Toys
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