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Beirut Church Sunday School Mosaic

Beirut Church Sunday School MosaicThe National Evangelical Church in Beirut holds its Sunday School and youth Summer conferences every year in JLSS. This is one of the aspects of the Beirut Church support to JLSS as it provides our school with a good income. This year the Sunday School conference had a wonderful surprise for us. The children worked on a huge beautiful mosaic during the conference, and they presented it to us after framing it, as the gift of the Sunday School children in commemoration of the Schneller 150th anniversary. The beautiful mosaic was hung in the Fellowship Hall where we receive all our guests and hold our regular meetings. We express our sincere thanks to all the wonderful children for all the hard work they put in order to produce that beautiful mosaic. We thank the Sunday School leaders and the Beirut Church for making the theme of that Summer conference the 150th Anniversary of Schneller school. This, no doubt, will leave a long lasting impression on all the children who will be the future leaders of the National Evangelical Church in Beirut, of their responsibility towards Schneller School. We thank the Beirut Church and its leadership for their vision, support, and commitment to our school.
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Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

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