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JLSS hosted a group of visually impaired students from BLESSED (The Benevolent Lebanese Evangelical School for Special Education & Development) on Wednesday 27 May 2009, accompanied by their teachers and the director of the school. They travelled from Beirut and arrived to JLSS at around eleven o'clock.
Students of Grade Eight were prepared early in the morning to look after our guests. They were briefed about the responsibility of society towards people with disabilities and the right of the disabled to be fully integrated in the community. They were also briefly instructed about the program of the day and how they can accompany a visually impaired person on a walk.
Our guests from BLESSED were welcomed in the Fellowship Hall with coffee and fresh pastries from our bakery. JLSS Grade Eight students later on joined them. They were all introduced to each other and exchanged information. They got to know each other, and our students learnt a lot about the challenges that face people with disabilities.
Later on, each student from Grade Eight paired with a students from BLESSED, and the whole group went around the JLSS school campus. They visited the various workshops of the vocational school where they met our students and learnt from our trainers about vocational training programs offered.
Our guests had lunch at JLSS and returned to Beirut at 1.00 PM having provided our students with a wonderful learning experience, and having made new friends at JLSS.
We thank our friends from BLESSED for their wonderful visit. We also thank the students of Grade Eight for being such wonderful hosts to our guests.
BLESSED Visit 2009
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