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Books from Goethe Institute & German Embassy

The cost of text books for teaching German was a major problem for our students. Books are imported from Germany and are therefore very expensive. Upon hearing of this problem, Goethe Institute and the German Embassy decided to help us resolve this problem. The German embassy helped us order the books directly from Germany, and Goethe Institute paid for them. This is wonderful support for us as we are bringing back teaching the German language to an acceptable level in our school. German books are no more a burden to the parents of our children, and we are able to provide every student with the textbook he/she needs for learning German. Goethe Institute also provided us with reading books in German for our library. We express our sincere thanks to Goethe Institute and the German Embassy for this very important support to our school, and we especially thank Dr. Spitz Neuberg and Mrs. Julia Glashoff for all the help they provided us in order to receive these books.
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