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Facilities over 40 Years Old Renovated

Boys Homes RenovationThanks to EMS and The Protestant Church of W├╝rttemberg - Germany, four of the boys' homes (families) of our boarding department were renovated during the summer holiday 2007. Families One, Two, Three, and Seven had new and extra toilets built, and new washrooms were constructed with individual wash basins. Private bathrooms were built for the bedrooms of educators and volunteers. Families One Two, and Three had their large bedrooms divided  into smaller ones that now accommodate a smaller number of students. Family Three had the shower area renovated and individual private cabins were built to allow students some privacy. Some of the old wooden windows that were falling apart were replaced with double glazed aluminum windows (as many as the budget allowed). Work started on Monday 23 July 2007 and it was completed mid October. Two engineers, Mr. Sami Morkos and Mr. Bichara Kallab executed the project. The Schneller Board in Beirut took the decision to implement the project with theBoys Homes Renovation highest standards specifying particular brands (Grohe, Dalmin, AFL, Uniceramic, and Lecico, etc.).
Doors for all the new toilets are resin coated of the highest quality. Work was completed on time for the opening of the academic year in October 2007. The then newly elected Lions Governor, Mr. Farid Kaawar, a Schneller alumnus, provided us with a grant from the Lions Clubs of US$ 3,300 towards the new student cupboards which were built. We praise God for this very important development in our school, and we thank EMS, the Protestant Church of W├╝rttemberg - Germany, the Lions Clubs, and all our partners and friends  who sponsored this project.
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