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schneller school was always famous for its brass bands. sadly during the pbrass instruments sent by dr. rischmauiast years this tradition was lost. music in schneller is not only important for its cultural value, but it is also extremely valuable as one of the extracurricular activities that make life for our students more enjoyable. it allows them to use their free time constructively, and it teaches them discipline. the director of jlss has been trying to restore the schneller music tradition. for this purpose he has been appealing for help from our partners. dr. basil rischmaui who is a jlss alumnus and a member of the evs board in germany decided to do something about it as he himself remembers, and highly appreciates, the music tradition of schneller schools. he appealed to schneller friends in germany who had brass instruments that they did not use anymore to send them to him. he collected eleven instruments and sent them to our school. they arrived on saturday may 1st 2010. we will now look for a music teacher, either locally or through our partners, to come to jlss to teach our students to play those instruments. we express our sincere gratitude to dr. rischmaui and all the schneller friends who supported this wonderful project. we hope those instruments will be making beautiful music soon, and transforming the lives of our students.
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