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Cake-sale by Newly Elected Parents' Committee

Cake Sale 2011The newly elected Parents' Committee under the leadership of its new chairperson, Mrs. Sati, started its activities with two cake-sale days held on Thursday 27 January and Friday 4 February 2011. The committee aims to raise the money needed to buy a new photocopying machine for the Academic Department. The cake sale on both days was very successful. The children enjoyed the wonderful generosity of Mrs. Sati and other members of her committee. A good amount of money was raised on both days. They intend to continue with fundraising activities in support of the school.
Cake Sale 2011Mrs. Sati and her committee have been extremely helpful to the school in many ways. They are also assisting in communications with parents, facilitating their role as partners with the school in the education of their children. The committee brought our attention to some issues that needed to be addressed. They were also able to share helpful information with parents that reassured them by presenting to them important facts they did not know. We express our sincere gratitude to Mrs. Sati and the other members of the Parents' Committee for their commitment, dedication, generosity, and wonderful support of our school.
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