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Carpentry Training Program in Germany

Carpentry Training in Germany Our partners in Germany, EVS (Evangelischer Verein für die Schneller-Schulen), in coordination with GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit) organized a Carpentry Training Program which was held in BBW (Berufsbildungswerk Waiblingen gGmbH) from 26 September till 6 October 2010 in Germany.
Both our trainers, Mr. George Haddad and Mr. George Nahhas, attended the program in addition to other trainers from Lebanon. The carpentry trainers of Theodore Schneller School (Amman - Jordan) also attended.
The program included sessions on drawing, measurement, sawing and joining wood, using power tools, cutting glass, learning about wood structure and types of trees that are the source of timber, and dealing with wood irregularities and defects. The program Carpentry Training in Germany included a visit to FESTOOL Company in which a training session on using various power tools was held. The program included some sightseeing including a visit to the castle in Ludwigsburg and the Mercedes Exhibition in Stuttgart. At the end of the training program all participants received their certificates. We express our thanks to Mr. Helmut Hekmann, EVS, GTZ, FESTOOL, BBW, and all the people who made this very important training program possible. All the trainers returned better equipped to teach their students and help them acquire professional skills.
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