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Al-Adha Al-Mubarak Celebrated in JLSSEED AL-ADHA AL-MUBARAK  is the Muslim feast that celebrates Abraham's faith and his willingness to obey God even unto offering his son as a sacrifice. It also celebrates God's intervention to rescue Abraham's son through the alternative animal sacrifice. People celebrate this feast by presenting gifts or help to the poor and needy as an act of sacrifice in gratitude to God. Schneller School celebrated EED AL-ADHA AL-MUBARAK on Wednesday 25 November 2009 by the traditional local dinner and sweet for the occasion which was offered to students in all boarding homes. Later on in the evening, a number of our Muslim students lead the chapel service at 7.00 PM by delivering a special message and prayer for the occasion. Finally, the service was concluded with a religious Muslim chant (TALAA-L-FAJRU ALEINA) that was sung by four of our students. It was a wonderful experience to all our students as Al-Adha Al-Mubarak Celebrated in JLSSthey celebrated the feast together irrespective of their faith and religion. It was also a very valuable learning experience and a wonderful worship time to all. We thank the boys of Boarding Home 6 and Mr. Chafiq Daoud for the fantastic chapel service that was prepared. We thank our kitchen staff for the delicious dinner and sweet they prepared. We also wish all our students, teachers, and members of staff a very blessed Adha Feast.
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