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Chef Yousef Lahhoud Honored

Everyone who was in our school, from the early beginnings until now, knows Chef Yousef Lahhoud. As he will be retiring next month after forty-one years of dedChef Yousef Lahhoud with his Familyicated service his colleagues in the kitchen and the school as a whole decided to honor him and say good bye during the weekly Thursday fellowship on 19 February 2009. His kitchen colleagues bought two huge cakes and prepared the juice and hot drinks. His wife, son, and two daughters were also present. The director of the school thanked Chef Yousef Lahhoud and presented him with a gift from the school in gratitude to his  long years of dedicated service. Surrounded by his family and kitchen colleagues he cut the cakes and all the teachers and members of staff clapped and cheered in gratitude to his friendship and long dedicated service. He will be succeeded by Dany Abbas who will be Head Chef and Michael Haddad who will be Deputy Chef. Miss Marita Clausen, SES (Senior Expert Service of Germany) volunteer and old friend of JLSS will be coming early next March for two weeks to assist Dany and the kitchen staff in having a good beginning. We thank Chef Yousef Lahhoud and wish him a very happy retirement.
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