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Child Day & Mothers' Day Celebrated

The Junior School celebrated Child Day and Mothers' Child Day and Mothers Day 2010Day on Thursday 18 March 2010 at 1.30 PM in the Kindergarten Hall. Parents were invited to the celebration, and the children and their parents were very excited. The program was supposed to start with a PowerPoint presentation, but technology presented yet another disappointment. Mrs. Mcheileh's laptop refused to work displaying the picture of her family instead. The few seconds felt like forever and everyone was wondering what was going on. Finally, the presentation was cancelled, the hard work of the previous days was put aside, and the children's program was started. As the children started singing, loudly shouting the Lebanese national anthem, it was pretty obvious that they were having a wonderful time. Mrs. Samar Mcheileh, coordinator for the Junior school, welcomed all the parents after which the director said a short Child Day and Mothers Day 2010prayer. The children from all the junior classes contributed in the program. They danced, sang and performed with great enthusiasm to the delight of their teachers and proud parents. By the time the program was over, the hall was already almost empty, as most parents had left right after their son/daughter performed his/her part. We express our thanks to all the teachers who worked hard with our junior children to produce that wonderful program. We thank all the parents who attended for taking the time to come and encourage their children. We also wish all JLSS mothers a very happy Mothers' Day.
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