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child mother's day 2017

we express our thanks to mrs. riachie, mrs. akroush, and all the teachers who worked hard with our junior children to produce the wonderful program. we especially thank our music teacher, mr. joseph sleilati, for the music he composed, the lyrics he wrote, and his hard work in teaching our children. we also thank mrs. souad akroush and ms. dorothee beck for the art-work of the stage background and for the dances they taught our children.

child day & mother's day 2017

we thank mrs. rita shakrina, and mr. elie farhat for organizing and coordinating the program. we finally thank all the parents who attended in order to encourage their children.

happy mothers' day and happy child day!

the junior school celebrated children's day and mothers' day on tuesday 21 march 2017 at 1.30 pm in hermann schneller hall. parents were invited to the celebration. the program started with the children singing the lebanese national anthem.

child day & mother's day 2017

the director welcomed the parents and opened with a short prayer.
children from all the junior classes contributed to the program. they danced, sang and performed with great enthusiasm to the delight of their teachers and proud parents.
halfway through the program, one of the jlss psychologists, mrs. nidal riachie, gave a short talk to parents with advice on dealing with children and how to cope with some of the difficulties they may face.

child day and mothers' day 2017

an arts & crafts exhibition followed the celebration. displayed were arts and crafts  that were produced by children under mrs. souad akroush. it was a magnificent exhibition which received praise from parents and guests.

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