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Children's Day Celebration 2012

The Junior School celebrated Children's Day on Tuesday 20 March 2012 at 11:00AM in Hermann Schneller Hall. Parents were invited to the celebration, and the children and their parents were very excited.
The Director, Rev. George D. Haddad, started the program with a word of welcome to parents and children. He especially welcomed Rev. Klaus Schmid, EVS President, who this year reached his 50th year of serving Schneller Schools in various capacities. He also welcomed the President of the Parents Committee, Mrs. Leila Sati, and all members of the committee attending, and thanked them for their wonderful support of the school.
Children's Day 2012 He then briefly explained the educational approach of Schneller School in dealing with children. He urged parents to totally forget the way they were brought up and to adopt the right approach of encouragement and positive reinforcement that allows children to enjoy their childhood while learning. He insisted that physical and verbal abuse damage children and must be totally abandoned. Parents must cooperate with the school and understand that children can perform in accordance with their abilities. Acceptance of the children's abilities and encouraging them to do better are the two factors that will make children improve and excel in their studies.
He then thanked the children and the teachers for the program that was prepared for the occasion.
After the opening prayer the school Psychologist, Dr. Sonia Shamoun, gave a short but very informative address to parents on the theme: Dealing with Challenges of Adolescence.
The children's program followed and it was obvious that all were having a wonderful time. Children danced, sang and performed with great enthusiasm to the delight of their teachers and proud parents. As the program progressed the crescendo of the noise reflected the excitement of children and parents. By the time the program was over, the hall was already almost empty, as most parents had left right after their son/daughter performed his/her part.
We express our thanks to all the teachers who worked hard with our children to produce that wonderful program.
We thank all the parents who attended for taking the time to come and encourage their children, and we hope next time they would stay until the end of the program. We also promise to make the program shorter next time.
We wish all our children a very happy Children's Day, and we also wish all mothers a very happy Mothers' Day.


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