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Christmas Celebrations 2009

Christmas Celebrations 2009Christmas is a very special time in our school, and this year was no exception. Celebrations began in the academic school with a special program that was held on Monday 21 December 2009 at 1.45 PM. Students from all classes participated through bible readings, carols, and prayers. This is the first year the academic school prepares such a program. It required a lot of hard work and preparation. It was a very nice program which everyone enjoyed. We express our thanks to all the teachers and students of the academic school for that lovely program.
The boarding department held the evening service on Tuesday 22 December at 6.00 PM. It was a service of lessons and carols. Many members of staff attended the service with our boarding students. The Christmas dinner followed the service. This year guests were received in the boarding families. They were distributed over the ten boarding homes we have. Staff from our main kitchen prepared a delicious dinner which every one enjoyed. Christmas presents were distributed after dinner to all the boarding students. This year, as is the case every year, the presents were bought with a kind Christmas Celebrations 2009grant form BibleLands. We express our thanks to BibleLands for continuing to bring happiness and joy to our children, year after year.
Alumnus George Tin also kindly sent us forty presents to distribute to the children. We also thank him for his kindness and support of our school.
A Christmas Holy Communion service was also held on Christmas day for the few members of staff who live in or near our school.
We thank all teachers, educators (house parents of the boarding department), members of staff, partners, and friends for the wonderful programs and activities that brought the spirit of Christmas to everyone in JLSS.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A special thanks to BibleLands for bring joy to our children year after year!
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