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Christmas Celebrations 2010

Christmas 2010 Christmas celebrations this year were in accordance with our Schneller traditions. The academic school had a wonderful program of music, carols, bible readings, and Christmas plays. Students performed well. Many teachers had festive activities with their students in their respective classes. The boarding department started its celebration in the evening of Wednesday 22 December with a service of Lessons and Carols which was held at six o'clock in St. Michael's Church. It was a very nice service lead by the head of our boarding department, Mr. Martin Bernhard. EMS volunteers, Henriette Seitz on the piano and Felix Weiss playing the guitar, participated in the program with a hymn the children sang. The service was followed with a Christmas dinner. All teachers and members of staff with their families were invited, and many came and enjoyed the evening with our students and children. Later in the evening Santa Claus arrived and distributed the Christmas presents. Christmas 2010 Two students form Family 3 (Boarding Home 3) took that role this year, and they distributed the presents to all the boarding families. They performed like delivery people rather than Santas, but we cannot complain as they seemed to be doing their best. As we are on a very tight budget this year, and as things are getting very expensive, we excluded the older boys from receiving gifts. We thought as they are older they would understand. They did complain about it, but we have to acknowledge that they took it very nicely. The Christmas presents were sponsored by BibleLands. We express our sincere gratitude to BibleLands for enabling us to get gifts to our children, year after year. We also thank all our students, teachers, and members of staff who prepared the wonderful programs. We especially thank our kitchen staff for preparing the delicious dinner.
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