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Church Group from Giengen - Germany

A thirteen-member tour group from the Protestant Church in Giengen - Germany visited our school from Saturday 24 untilProtestant Church Group from Giengen Germany Saturday 31 October 2009. The team was lead by Mr. Anselm Kreh, EVS member and former co-worker at JLSS. They were all friends and supporters and wanted to be based in our school during their visit to Lebanon in order to learn as much as possible about our work and ministry. They visited most of the interesting touristic locations in Lebanon. Throughout their stay they went around our school to meet our students, members of staff, and teachers. This was the purpose of their stay in our guesthouse.
The first few days were very nice as the group was able to meet our children and experience day-to day living in JLSS. Their experience took a negative turn on Monday morning as a result of the water crisis that developed. The director apologized to the group and suggested that they all move to a nearby hotel as the school was without water. The group graciously decided to stay. Their reply was: we are just like your students and we will do what they will do. This meant living without water and having to carry water in buckets to their rooms from the tank parked in Protestant Church Group from Giengen Germanythe center of the school. Even on Tuesday morning when the school had to close down and students were sent to their homes, the group decided to stay and live the very tough experience without water.  The director decided to do what was only fair and reimburse the group for the days without water, but all members decided to donate that money to our school to be earmarked for the Kindergarten project.
Our friends and supporters from Giengen came for a holiday, and they experienced the toughest days JLSS had for many years. Their decision to stay in JLSS through an impossible situation, was an extremely kind gesture of solidarity, friendship, and support. We very sincerely thank this wonderful group from Giengen for all the work they do in Germany to support our school, but above all we thank them for their extremely kind spirit and wonderful friendship. We also very sincerely apologize for the very tough days they had in our school and we especially thank them for their very kind donation towards our Kindergarten Project. Thank you Anselm Kreh, and a very sincere thank you to each and every member of this wonderful group from Giengen - Germany.
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