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Conclusion of the Academic Year 2022 2023

Kindergarten GraduationIt is nice to celebrate the end of a fruitful academic year that passed without political turmoil, strikes, or other interruptions. We praise God for 2022 2023 which was such a blessed year.
13 June was the last day for kindergarten children, and 16 June was the last day for all other students who were very excited to leave for the summer holiday.
The programs and activities of the school-year were all completed in accordance with our yearly schedule.
When all other schools in Lebanon were teaching only four days a week, JLSS taught the normal five-day week program.
The first semester went very well with only a few days missed due to snowstorms.
The second semester had no interruptions.
Teacher's Day was celebrated on Thursday 9 March 2023. Mother's Day and Child Day were celebrated on Tuesday 21 March. The academic department lead the celebrations with very nice programs performed by students.
Eed al-Fitr coincided with Easter this year. Both feasts were celebrated on April 4 by the boarding department in a most interesting chapel service in which Christian and Muslim hymns were sung. The service included prayers, readings, and recitations from both traditions. It was a fascinating expression of diversity and tolerance whereby each group celebrated its own feast out of conviction and the feast of the other group in solidarity and respect. It was an amazing manifestation of the JLSS peace education program.
The vocational department celebrated Labor Day on Friday May 5 with a very nice program performed by vocational students.
Field Day 2023The Field Day was held on Tuesday May 9.
The inauguration of the new building (Hangar 2) for the vocational department was held on Friday 12 May 2023. This building includes the new electricity and electric vehicles workshops. It replaces the old electricity workshop which started showing structural damage and was no more safe for training. 
A concert of piano and pipe organ music was performed by Klaus Schulten on 6 June 2023.
The Funfair was held on 24 May 2023. All the usual activities were done on that day. Everyone had a great time, but the safety of inflatable games is now questionable. For the second year one student ends up breaking a limb playing on those games. We have to consider an alternative to those games next year.
School trips were organized and enjoyed by students of both the academic and vocational departments.
The kindergarten graduation ceremony was held on Tuesday 13 June at 11:00 AM. Parents were invited to attend and enjoy the wonderful program that their children performed.
The graduation ceremony of the vocational department was held on 26 June at 5:00 PM.
16 students graduated this year: 4 with the DS-BT certificate and 12 with the DS certificate.
Both the director, Rev. George D. Haddad, and the head of the vocational department, Mr. Joseph Bou Simaan, addressed the graduating class. Graduation Ceremony
The address of the graduating class was delivered by Antonio Abou Nasser.
It was a wonderful celebration that parents, students, and the whole Schneller team enjoyed.
We praise God for this fruitful academic year.
We thank and congratulate the Schneller team for a very successful academic year.
We express our most sincere gratitude to EVS/EMS, the main supporting body of JLSS, and all our other partners (SVS, LBMS, Rotary, alumni, and other friends), who enable us to accomplish these great achievements. We especially thank them for helping us develop our programs and modernize our facilities and workshops.
This wonderful partnership is enabling JLSS to serve underprivileged students and provide them with equal opportunities to have successful careers.
It is our hope that through the life of diversity and tolerance in our school our graduates will be ambassadors of peace wherever they go. This is the core mission of our school.

Trailer of the Kindergarten Graduation by Steven Haddad Studio

Trailer of the Graduation Ceremony by Steven Haddad Studio


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