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Confirmation Service in JLSS

Schneller Confirmation 2015For the first time since 1976, a confirmation service was held in St. Michael's Church of Schneller School. The service was held on Sunday 19 April 2015 at 11:00 AM.
Fares Edmond Saadeh, Fadi Edmond Saadeh, Milad Edmond Saadeh, Antony Edmond Saadeh, Firas Elie Saadeh, Wissam Elie Saadeh, and David Elie Saadeh, were confirmed during the service.
They all attended the confirmation classes held by Rev. George D. Haddad in accordance with the confirmation lesson-plan of the National Evangelical Church of Beirut. These wonderful young men asked many questions during the classes in relation to remarks they are confronted with as Protestants from fellow Christians and members of other religions. They all showed great interest in learning about their Protestant Christian faith.
The order of service was that of the National Evangelical Church of Beirut which is incorporated into the Holy Communion service.
Some Schneller traditional aspects were also Schneller Confirmation 2015incorporated into the service, mainly the handing over of a confirmation certificate which has a photo of the ascension painting (of the Syrian Orphanage) and a bible verse chosen by every confirmand. They were also presented with a leather-bound pocket bible.
The ascension painting is very special for Schneller School because it was the one commissioned by the founder, Johann Ludwig Schneller, for the church in Jerusalem. The faces of the disciples in the painting are those of Johann Ludwig Schneller and some of the very first students of the Syrian orphanage.
The confirmation service was a time of great rejoicing for the families and all people attending the service.
Also in accordance with Schneller traditions, a special lunch was held after the service to celebrate the occasion.
We congratulate the confirmands and the Saadeh family.
We hope and pray that this day will be the beginning of a serious commitment by all confirmands to follow our loving Lord and Savior every day of their life and to be full and active members of the Protestant church.

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