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students receiving plaquesthe association of evangelical schools in lebanon honored all distinctive students of evangelical schools who got good or excellent averages in the last government exams. 450 students form all evangelical schools gathered, with their parents, on 18 november 2006 in the emile lahoud conference center - dibayeh. the program was held under the patronage of the minister of education. dr. khaled kabbany, who was the main speaker. also attending was cabinet minister, dr. sami haddad and member of parliament, dr. bassem shab. students received memorial plaques to honor their achievements. the program started well but when the distribution of the plaques started, it turned into a chaotic scene of confusion. a reception followed the program. six from our school were among the students honored. they are: toufic bou akroush, rawad hamawi, bilal haidar, ali ajram, maysaa ghannoum, and george mirhej. we congratulate our students for their achievements, and we thank a.e.s.l. for their effort in trying to organize the program. we urge them to make sure it is better organized next year.
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