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Easter Celebration at JLSS

JLSS celebrated Easter on Tuesday April 7, 2009 at 7.00 pm with a service of hymns, bible readings, and prayer in St. Michael's Church. Mr. Martin Bernhard, head of the Boarding Department, told the Easter story through a PowerPoint presentation of nice pictures that visualized the events in a clear and colorful way. At the end of the service all children were presented with a large chocolate egg which is now our traditional gift on Easter thanks to a special grant from BibleLands.
Children Receiving Easter EggsThat day had an additional surprise when Mr. Hani and Mrs. Evelyn Sahyoun surprised everyone with a nice visit to JLSS. Mr. Sahyoun served in JLSS for many years in different capacities (chemistry teacher, educator, and head of the Boarding Department) from 1971 till 1982.
The director of the school, Rev. George Haddad, was especially delighted with the visit. He was taught Chemistry by Mr. Sahyoun and was one of the students of Family Five of the Boarding Department which Mr. Sahyoun was in charge of. Mrs. Sahyoun also taught Rev. Haddad music (playing the recorder). The Sahyouns are now in Germany and they were on a visit to Mr. Sahyoun's mother who lives in Broummana - Lebanon.
The visit was a wonderful time for remembering the good old days, some of the tough old days of the beginnings of the Lebanese war, the adventures the Sahyouns had before leaving to Germany, and how God protected them through the most difficult days of the war. We thank the Sahyouns for their wonderful visit.
We also thank our partners and friends at BibleLands for their wonderful support of our school, and for the special grants that they provide us to buy gifts to our children on Christmas and Easter.
Happy Easter! The Lord is Risen!
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