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Easter Celebration 2018

Easter was celebrated on Tuesday 27 March 2018. Easter Service 2018
A special Easter dinner was served to all children of the Boarding Department at 6:30 PM.
The Easter service followed at 7:00 in St. Michael's Church.
Gerhard Walcker had been working on tuning the pipe organ the previous days. He completed the job on time for the Easter service.
The children enjoyed singing Palm Sunday and Easter Hymns.
Bible passages that covered the story of Jesus' entry to Jerusalem, his crucifixion, and resurrection were read by members of staff. Teachers and educators also lead in prayer.
After the service all students received the traditional Easter gift which is a big chocolate egg.
We express our sincere gratitude to LBMS (The Lutheran Board for Mission Support) and Embrace the Middle East for providing us with yearly grants for the Christmas and Easter presents to our children.

Easter Greeting

Happy Easter!

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