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SETC Educators' Seminar 2010

The  Schneller Educational Training Center (SETC) of Theodore Schneller School (Amman - Jordan) held a training seminar for educators (staff of boarding departments). The seminar was held in our school from 23 till 26 September 2010. Attending were all educators of JLSS and TSS.
The theme of the seminar was: Girls in Boarding Homes: Experience and Future Outlook.
The seminar was organized by Dr. Toufic Shomar, director of SETC, and Mr. Moussa al-Mounaizel, EMS PedagogicalEducators Seminar 2010 advisor. The lecturers in addition to Dr. Shomar and Mr. Mounaizel were Dr. Hanan Halasa, Dr. Yacoub Farah, Dr. Lubna Akroush, and Dr. Assil Shawareb of the Jordanian University.
All lecturers were volunteers who kindly accepted to participate in this seminar gratis.
The lecturers gave very informative lectures, each in his/her field, requiring the participants to be involved through team deliberations and activities. Educators of both schools were provided with an outstanding learning opportunity through the days of the seminar, and they all received certificates from SETC for their participation.
The seminar brought this yearly event to an advanced level through the presence of the guest-lecturers. As it progressed, it was obvious that adequate preparation is necessary in the future to prevent the shortcomings of hosting it this year. Such a big event requires adequate funding and better organization. The seminar therefore was also a learning experience for the measures that are necessary for hosting such seminars in the future.
We apologize to our guest-lecturers for our shortcomings, and we thank them for their graciousness, flexibility, and outstanding input.
The challenge now is for educators of both schools to put the vast information they acquired into practice, to the benefit of our children.
We express our sincere gratitude to all the lecturers and to TSS and SETC for this wonderful seminar.
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