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EED FITR 2019 Celebration

EED FITR Celebration 2019Schneller School celebrated EED FITR 2019 on Thursday 30 May 2019 at 7:00 PM in St. Michael's Church.
Students led the chapel service on the night before EED FITR holiday, explaining the importance of the month of RAMADN and EED al-FITR.
A student started with an introduction that explained the tradition of fasting, the importance of RAMADAN and why it is venerated as the most important time of the year. He emphasized the duty of charity and support of the poor during this time of year.
Another student showed a PowerPoint presentation of similar content.
The service was ended with the EED prayer recited by one of the students.
The celebration was concluded at the time of breaking the fast with a special meal (IFTAR) for all boarding students to which some teachers and trainers were invited. It included the traditional food with the special drink, JALLAB, and dates.
All boarding students waited for the exact time of breaking the fast when they all enjoyed the delicious food prepared by our wonderful kitchen team.
We express our thanks to the educators and kitchen staff who got up very early and stayed late to cater to the needs of fasting students through the month of RAMADAN. We also thank our kitchen team for the delicious IFTAR they prepared for all boarding students.

EED FITR Celebration 2019

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