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EED AL FITR 2022 Celebration

Schneller School celebrated EED AL:FITR 2022 on Thursday 28 April at 6:30 PM in St. Michael's Church. Eed al Fitr 2022 Celebration
Students led the chapel service the evening before EED FITR holiday, explaining the importance of the month of RAMADN and EED al-FITR.
A student started with an introduction that explained the tradition of fasting, the importance of RAMADAN, and why it is venerated as the most important time of the year. He emphasized the duty of charity and helping the poor at this time.
The service was ended with the EED prayer recited by one of the students.
After the service students received the traditional cakes with dates and more chocolate from the ample supply we received from our Swiss and German partners.
The celebration was concluded at the time of breaking the fast with a special meal (IFTAR) for all boarding students.
All waited for the exact time of breaking the fast when it was time to enjoy the delicious food prepared by our kitchen staff.
We express our thanks to the educators and kitchen staff members who got up very early and stayed late to cater to the Kerstin Playing Table Tennisneeds of fasting students through the month of RAMADAN.
We also thank our kitchen team for the delicious IFTAR they prepared for all boarding students.
Our Swiss partners from SVS, Rev. Ursus Waldmeier and Dr. Hans Pfister, brought with them when they came for the inauguration of the new vocational building, a huge supply of Swiss chocolate in addition to 20 kgms of pasta. Ms. Kerstin Sommer of EVS/EMS also brought chocolate for our students from Germany.
Students from all ages and all departments enjoyed this huge chocolate supply over a period of two weeks.
As it was delicious Swiss and German chocolate, it wouldn't have been fair unless all our teachers, trainers, educators, and members of staff had some of this chocolate too. So everyone in JLSS had delicious chocolate which was distributed to all students and members of staff at least three times.
We express our sincere gratitude to Rev. Ursus Waldmeier, Dr. Hans Pfister, and Ms. Kerstin Sommer for making JLSS a place of chocolate joy for many days.
We also thank Kerstin for the table-tennis racquets and balls she got from Germany for our boys and girls, and for encouraging them to learn to play table tennis.

Eed al Fitr 2022 Celebration


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