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Emergency Aid to Flooding Victims in Marj Refugee Camp 0100

Single Mothers 2019 IOur German partners EMS/EVS are kindly supporting 35 Syrian refugee students who are fully integrated in our school in addition to the Single Mothers programs. They have been doing this since 2013.
On Monday 4 February 2019 we started Single Mothers' Program 2019 I.
Winter this year in Lebanon is a harsh one that we have not seen in decades. Slow and continuous rain continued for days without stopping. Snowstorms started early. Flooding was occurring in many regions in Lebanon. Mudslides closed the main highway from Beirut to the North. Other mountain roads were completely blocked when huge parts of the roads were washed away.
The land was saturated with water but the rain continued. The Beqaa region had its share of flooding. The worst hit were refugee camps. Mud and water levels kept rising until they went into the tents destroying the few belongings the refugees had to keep their children warm.
The rain would stop for many days, but the water around the tents in some of the Marj camps would not recede. Children were not recovering from sickness. They were getting weaker and weaker due to the very unhealthy conditions they were living in.
Some had to move to temporary shelters, but the number of people there made them a worse alternative, especially to children.
We had already seen on television the reports on the flooding. When the Single Mothers' Program started, the women told us about the immense suffering, mainly of children and the elderly, in those camps. Aid to Flooding Victims
We requested additional emergency support from EMS/EVS to try to do something for the children to recover from their endless sickness. We wanted to make a small contribution to help those desperate people that have been forgotten and left to suffer, faced with the extreme weather and the unhealthy conditions of their tents.
We enquired about their most urgent need. They told us that they urgently need to replace what was lost in the flooding: the sponge mats, blankets, and carpets which are typically at ground level.
The emergency funds we kindly received from EMS/EVS (Euro 7000) were enough to provide each of the fifty tents in camp 0100 in Marj with a woolen carpet (2 X 3 meters $ 60), 2 blankets (250 X 220cm each $30), and 3 sponge mats (180 X 66cm each $10). This was what the refugees asked for.
Thursday 21 February 2019 was the day we went to the camp 0100 to deliver the requested items. It was painful to see the suffering those people are going through. Aid to Flooding Victims
We were received warmly. The distribution of the items was done as planned. It was a great joy to see what those few items meant to these refugees.
The difficult part was when refugees from neighboring camps, that are in the same situation, were angry they were not receiving the same help. All explanations about the limited funds we have and that we can only contribute in a small way, were not accepted.
We couldn't blame their anger having seen what they are going through. They are abandoned and forgotten in extremely harsh conditions. We left with a heavy heart, leaving many angry and disappointed people behind.
We made our small contribution. Fifty tents have the basics to provide warmth and recovery from sickness to all the people in them: men, women, and children.
We are most grateful to our partners EMS/EVS for supporting our refugee programs that allow Johann Ludwig Schneller School to be true to its calling and contribute in the alleviation of suffering of people in dire need. 

Aid to Flooding Victims

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